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October Sale!


I’m having an October sale over at my Etsy store.  I have discounted all prints and collections by 10%.


Thanks for looking..



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Carpaccio Magazine


The lovely and very inspiring Carpaccio Magazine have featured me in their latest issue, number 6 ‘Real birthdays are not annual affairs.  Real birthdays are the days when we have a new birth”.

I am particularly happy to share the same issue as Neil Krug, as I am a huge fan of his style and work..

There are a wide variety of inspiring artists and visions to be found within so I wholeheartedly recommend you spending a few moments on their site:


Till next time,


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I’m really pleased to finally share some images from my recent photo-shoot with the talented illusionist, Aaron Isted.

the hat

I met Aaron at my debut exhibition back in July through his girlfriend and fellow exhibitor Adrienne Wroath.  A seriously hardworking and ambitious magician, Aaron has been practicing magic since the age of 6, is a member of the Magic Circle and has recently completed a tour of America which saw him hone his craft and  perform on stage with David Copperfield.  His most recent stunt saw him perform death defying escapology in front of a crowd of over 3000 watchers as part of the world famous Cowes Week activities.  Needless to say, I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with this rising star.

hats off

I have a lot more images from this session over on Flickr, so please go check it out.

As always, thank-you for reading.

Chris x

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*one day & roses*


It’s been a frantic week.  Some interesting developments and decisions made,  a photo shoot with a magician (more soon!), the realisation that I’ve been doing the Dad thing for a whole 4 years now, thoughts about the future and the past, some spiritual agreements I cannot untangle… The usual kind of thing..


And on that note, let’s move on to a couple of pieces from today:

one day

one day

The tactile and the fleeting are sharing a similar path to one another.  The grey smoke mirrors the grey of the road, as viewed secretly from the safety of the undergrowth.  Chaos and the ordered flirt briefly before finding their own way again.

This image was born from a strange mental fatigue i’ve been feeling lately, a previously inconceivable dent in my belief system.  The usual themes are all here, but there is something new (and mildly uncomfortable) finding it’s way into these images..



Here >  Ethereal string, mortality and Love.  No more, no less… The above shot was stolen on a brief break during my photo shoot with my magician friend.


Lastly, I just wanted to say a big ‘thank-you’ for everyone who has looked at my new portfolio site.  I appreciate your time and feedback.

Thanks for reading.  I do hope to share some of my new projects and assignments with you very soon.

Take Care




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*new chemical gdns. portfolio site


I am very happy to announce my new portfolio site.  To view, please  click here

I have used Carbonmade as I was impressed by the minimal interface and the easiness in setting it all up.  The basic package is free to use and allows a total of five sections (or ‘projects’ as they call them) and a total of 35 images.  This is just right for my needs right now. Of course, if your needs are greater, a subscription service kicks in.  Still, I found it all to be very reasonable.

carbon portfolio screenshot

When you’re flicking through, make sure you click on the section titles to gain some information about the pieces, as shown below:


I have been in need of a decent portfolio environment for quite some time.  Flickr doesn’t really cut it, and is more of a social networking environment than a serious place to showcase anything.  Also, the blog environment doesn’t seem to work too well either.  I think in order for any kind of artwork/photography to be appreciated, it needs minimum clutter so the eye can stay focussed on what it is supposed to be looking at.

Thanks very much for looking.  If anyone has any comments or views on the portfolio, I would love to hear them!

Take care & thanks!

Chris 🙂

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*toward the end


Today, I’m crossing the bridge between the auditory, the visual and definitely the sensual side of ourselves.  Just one simple question: If you could come back in the next life as a moment in a song, what would it be?

4-15 la femme d'argent

1-38 american dream

1-50 waiting in vain

2-04 music box

Back soon.

Chris x


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*planets, stars & mystical gardens..

Some new works.  I’ve been streamlining my workflow, making some conscious decisions regarding my creative process.  But don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with the details.  The following pieces have been born from these new ways of working, so let’s cut to the juice..


I like the idea of fallen leaves forming the basis for a new astrological system.  I thought of the wise folks from many civilisations ago looking up to the stars and begin to join the dots, allowing all manner of cleverness to ensue.

stars detail

Here’s a closer view as I’m aware the lines are very fine at this screen resolution.  You can view larger here if you like.   As you can see, the final plot-line meanders slightly and goes off in search for further secrets, something beyond the stars..


(In keeping in with the idea of plotting new star systems from fallen leaves)

planets detail


they never knew

They never knew, these two.

they never knew blog detail

Until next time…

Chris x

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