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*one day & roses*


It’s been a frantic week.  Some interesting developments and decisions made,  a photo shoot with a magician (more soon!), the realisation that I’ve been doing the Dad thing for a whole 4 years now, thoughts about the future and the past, some spiritual agreements I cannot untangle… The usual kind of thing..


And on that note, let’s move on to a couple of pieces from today:

one day

one day

The tactile and the fleeting are sharing a similar path to one another.  The grey smoke mirrors the grey of the road, as viewed secretly from the safety of the undergrowth.  Chaos and the ordered flirt briefly before finding their own way again.

This image was born from a strange mental fatigue i’ve been feeling lately, a previously inconceivable dent in my belief system.  The usual themes are all here, but there is something new (and mildly uncomfortable) finding it’s way into these images..



Here >  Ethereal string, mortality and Love.  No more, no less… The above shot was stolen on a brief break during my photo shoot with my magician friend.


Lastly, I just wanted to say a big ‘thank-you’ for everyone who has looked at my new portfolio site.  I appreciate your time and feedback.

Thanks for reading.  I do hope to share some of my new projects and assignments with you very soon.

Take Care





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