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I’m wholly happy to have discovered the flickr photostream of youretheocean in the last few weeks.  Here, there exists a perfect mix of light and dark, moonlight and sun-rays, abandoned forests…and maybe doors to spirit worlds…

Great work!


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3552910807_3738ed18b1.jpg by anacaldas.

Burning Sun over soft pastels and this special place.

This, to me is like Heaven’s waiting room. I would wait here forever, sun on my face, favourite book in hand and happily recline into infinity…

anacaldas’ photographs are like that. Possessing a special knack of seeing things in the most magical of ways, she delves deep into the secrets of this world like a modern day mystic.

I shall be interviewing Ana for the flickr group, The Mystical Scribbles very soon.

Happy Weekend
Chris x

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originally uploaded by coquinete.

Every now and then, I will stumble across a photographer or artist who will literally take my breath away.

Coquinete, is one such photographer.  Appearing to be very much in tune with the bubbling truths just outside the cusps of human perception, she delivers a rich gallery of images that are beautiful and effortless.  Personally, essentially and magically hinting at the spirituality of our experiences moment by moment…

Check out her flickr gallery.



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