*new chemical gdns. portfolio site


I am very happy to announce my new portfolio site.  To view, please  click here

I have used Carbonmade as I was impressed by the minimal interface and the easiness in setting it all up.  The basic package is free to use and allows a total of five sections (or ‘projects’ as they call them) and a total of 35 images.  This is just right for my needs right now. Of course, if your needs are greater, a subscription service kicks in.  Still, I found it all to be very reasonable.

carbon portfolio screenshot

When you’re flicking through, make sure you click on the section titles to gain some information about the pieces, as shown below:


I have been in need of a decent portfolio environment for quite some time.  Flickr doesn’t really cut it, and is more of a social networking environment than a serious place to showcase anything.  Also, the blog environment doesn’t seem to work too well either.  I think in order for any kind of artwork/photography to be appreciated, it needs minimum clutter so the eye can stay focussed on what it is supposed to be looking at.

Thanks very much for looking.  If anyone has any comments or views on the portfolio, I would love to hear them!

Take care & thanks!

Chris 🙂


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