*planets, stars & mystical gardens..

Some new works.  I’ve been streamlining my workflow, making some conscious decisions regarding my creative process.  But don’t worry, I am not going to bore you with the details.  The following pieces have been born from these new ways of working, so let’s cut to the juice..


I like the idea of fallen leaves forming the basis for a new astrological system.  I thought of the wise folks from many civilisations ago looking up to the stars and begin to join the dots, allowing all manner of cleverness to ensue.

stars detail

Here’s a closer view as I’m aware the lines are very fine at this screen resolution.  You can view larger here if you like.   As you can see, the final plot-line meanders slightly and goes off in search for further secrets, something beyond the stars..


(In keeping in with the idea of plotting new star systems from fallen leaves)

planets detail


they never knew

They never knew, these two.

they never knew blog detail

Until next time…

Chris x


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One response to “*planets, stars & mystical gardens..

  1. Ana Caldas

    so, so beautiful and deep all this!!!!

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