*suddenly hidden..

After the build up and subsequent excitement of my first public exhibition last week, I am now back in familiar waters (or unfamiliar waters?  It remains to be seen).   In many ways it is a relief but, on the other side of things, It felt wonderful to be part of something again.  The exhibition was a success in many ways, and I have a photo-set on flickr which documents the opening day.  I won’t harp on about it too much here, for I feel it is time to move forward now.  Instead, I shall leave you with three photographs from the last week…

there is an influence

I find my concerns with the spirituality of living, the balance between dark and light becoming stronger and more pronounced in my work..  It’s a difficult for me to describe that in any way whatsoever, so I won’t.  This is probably why I choose photography and art over theology and book writing..

wih my heartbeat

I am interested in the moment, and of secret channels that sometimes glare at us from hidden places.   I like the title in the photograph above.  I’m sure the English is terrible, but I didn’t want to word it any other way.  We are lonely pilots in life, whether we are with or without others.  The steady rhythm of our heart tells us all we need to know, where to go now, what is next.  Life is instinctual, we mustn’t let anyone convince us otherwise.  The beauty is in the moment, and the risks we sometimes have to make to be where we want to be.  An opportune encounter in a cathartic crowd is not so dissimilar to a lonely moment at the entrance of a tiny forest.

she waited

There is romance here; agreements across time and space, the way the heart pauses from time to time as if waiting for a radio transmission from the ether.  Either that or I’m in the undergrowth seeing lines from one thing to another.  Probably the latter… But most probably the former… maybe… !

On another subject entirely, I just have to share this fantastic (unofficial) video to Radiohead’s ‘all I need’.  Some bright spark has used footage from the 1996 French film “Microcosmos” and put it together to the music of this beautiful and haunting song.

all i need

I cannot even begin to express how well they go together!

Finally, before I go, I just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone connected with the Homegrown exhibition – the organisers, the artists and all of the lovely people I had a chance to talk to about the things that matter… You all made it a fantastic experience.


Chris x


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  1. Ana Caldas

    all this is touching, beautiful and moves me and so much others thatadmire you and your work!!

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