Limited edition hand printed flyer giveaway!


Those who have been following my endeavors recently will know that I’ve been massively busy preparing for my first photography exhibition which is due to begin tomorrow (!!!). Part of the preparations have been to design and screen-print a load of flyers for visitors to take away with them. Have a look here for the finished article.

On top of this, I covertly created some very limited edition florescent green and red flyers to giveaway to friends, supporters and potential groupies ;). There are only 12 of these in existence, each one signed and numbered on the back. Due to the hand crafted nature of screen printing, they are all beautifully unique as a result.

If you would like an opportunity to win one of these along with a 15% discount at my new on-line shop, simply:

1. go to the feedback form on my blog here
2. enter your name and email address*
2. add a comment beginning with the words, “give me one!”
4. wait until Friday 17th July where I shall announce the winners

thankyou x

*rest assured, information you give is treated in absolute confidentiality

limited edition flyers..


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