I have a confession to make.

I have fallen crazy in love….  with cheap and plastic disposable cameras!  This was not a love born from desire, or infatuation, but more of a necessity to conserve space in the suitcase on a recent holiday to London I enjoyed recently.   I had my suspicions, and sometimes I want to ditch photography altogether as it can sometimes rob you of the moment.  I needed to relax on this holiday, and not do any stressing about taking photographs, getting lost in the moment, finding secret doors etc.  (for that is how it often goes).  However, my suspicions were unfounded and it seems my love between this and this is on a bizarre and strange equal footing.  There is enough room in my life, it seems, for both of these!


sweet lines and colours

3602769961_7c0de2cae4.jpgsunbeams through the hotel window, analog real.


…There’s more here.

Interestingly, some new experimental good vibes came out of exposure to the delicious lo-fi quality of these photographs.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibilities of spirit worlds (more than normal) recently, and I’ve been in the state of mind that said worlds could well be wholesomely geometric in nature, at least to our perception. Remember those psychedelic fractal posters of the late 90s?  Well, if you can it wouldn’t be quite so, but more akin to:



I am liking this idea of sweeping geometry permeating the organic world.  This is no accidental experimentation either, as I am a firm believer in the ordered  geometry within nature.  The only hitch we may have with swallowing such a notion is our romantic visions of the world, of our universe being free flowing, chaotic, and beautifully flawed…

There may also be more than a small acknowledgment to The Doors of Perception, the worlds Aldous Huxley wrote about with such intelligent detail and insight when experimenting with mescaline.  My favourite book! 🙂

Finally, I cannot stop listening to:


I discovered this album after wondering far too often what happened to the great  band Smoke City.  I discovered that the singer Nina Miranda and musician/songwriter Chris Franck abandoned their record label, got married, had a child together and released a new album together under the name of Zeep in 2007.  And this is lovely stuff, maybe not so deep down and mystical as some of the Smoke City songs, but still on a wonderfully happy summertime vibe, with deep and soulful undertones and beautiful rhythms.  Greatest of all, their young daughter makes her debut on the amazingly surreal, ‘land of the blobs’… You have to listen to it! 😀




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  1. Ana Caldas

    Ah, those toy cameras are fantastic!!! really!!!!

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